Friday -Connie

26 October

I direct my spirit toward thy Spirit, to the place where I become one with thee. 
I place my soul in that sacred place and we are one. 
Your knowing becomes my knowing 
And your doing and mine are one. 
I have ascended to the highest point on the holy hill and yet you lift me higher.
The light that you gave me becomes once again yours.
I shine as your light - as a spark of your Divine Light
- but I desire more.
You have filled me to overflowing, but it is not enough....


19 October 

sacred space:
a place where rites are performed

sacred altar:
gateway, door, portal to sacred space

The breeze wafts across my face
          With tender kisses from a life long since ended
          Faint remembrances from long ago.

The breeze cools as it crosses my face
Alerting me to your nearing presence
          The air is static with anticipation.

It whispers in my ear
Love songs
In a language long forgotten

Sign posts to the forgotten path
          That allows our souls to draw near
          The path that defies Time.


Connie - sacred story teller - conduit between heaven and earth

11 Oct

Let my hands be but those of Thee
Let my eyes see as You would see
Let my heart beat as Yours beats Lord,
Let them be, Lord, of one accord.

In my work, Lord & in my play,
Let my mouth say what Yours would say.
Let my thoughts be what yours would be.
Make me, Lo-rd, just like Thee.

Let my mind know what You would know.
Let my feet go where Yours would go.
Let my eyes see what Yours would see.
Let me be Lo-rd, just like Thee.

Let my life, Lord, Your image be.
Oh dear Lo-rd, just of Thee.
Let the world s-ee only Thee
When they cast the-ir eyes on me.

Alleluia to my Lord and King,
L-e-t this be my offer-ing.
As to Thee I my body bring.
Alleluia – my everything.

14 Sep 2018
2 of my most asked for heart outpourings - My Cup and My Path

My Cup

Rather than lead a life of negativity and self - pity, God has allowed me to choose to build a positive life of joy and thanksgiving.

At times my cup has overflowed and I give You thanks.

At times my cup has been full and I know I am blessed.

At times my cup has been half empty and I choose to see it as half full.

At times my cup has been ninety per cent empty and I choose still to see it as ten per cent full.

At times my cup has been empty and I give thanks that I still have the cup.

At that time that the cup itself was broken, shattered beyond recognition, I thank You that I still had the pieces.

At that time I picked up the pieces and rebuilt the cup myself, I thank You that You watched and carried me.

As my unsound, frail creation failed and my vessel broke again, I thank You that You picked up the pieces and fashioned a unique vessel of Your choosing.

As each moment passes, I thank You for knowing me and creating me a unique vessel to Your specifications that will withstand/overcome any fires or trials that this lifespan encounters

My Path

I do not get overwhelmed but give thanks for what many may think has been a difficult life.

The path I have travelled has caused me -

not to fear pain or disease as God has already sustained me through the unspeakable

not to fear death for I have already passed through its door

not to fear adversity or turmoil for I have been surrounded by angels

not to fear poverty for through it I have learned the vanity and futility of earthly goods

to view a field of queen anne’s lace sprinkled with wild corn flowers and to treasure it above jewels

to glimpse a coloured sky and know it is more priceless than any work of art in any gallery known to man

to gaze on the face of a bag lady/tramp and see a beauty which transcends the human realm

to rest my eyes on a tree and continue to be amazed by the attention to detail given to every single leaf making it unique from the billions of others

to inhale and feel the breath of God infusing my every bronchiole, corpuscle and fibre of my being

to greet each waking moment – no matter what the prospects or pain level – with thankfulness and sincere gratitude

not to fear today or tomorrow whatever they may bring for I have seen yesterday and know God is with me and
to know that those who see only surface beauty see nothing at all.

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