Thursday - angel card draw

6 card draw 
Ask an Angel deck
01 November 2018

You have been seeking the Divine for a special answer

Enter into creativity to find your answer

Be still & mindful
Enter a time of prayer

You will experience healing - body, soul, mind, spirit

And discover your soul''s calling - your place between heaven & earth

 5 Card Draw   Thursday  25   October

You have been seeking balance and harmony - relief from the chaos that has become your life.
The peace you are seeking seems so distant, unattainable

Immerse yourself in that creative thing which makes your heart sing - music, art ,etc
During those creative times, you will hear God's voice and become empowered, receiving  the direction you have been seeking  concerning your life's purpose/soul'c calling,

You will be able to go forth in joy  - feeling connected and complete.

3 card draw  Thursday 18 October

1.  AWAKENING:  Your Soul is continuing to awaken.  You now sense, are encompassed by a sense of urgency to ascertain your life's purpose/soul's calling.

 2. CLEARING: Time to clear out and "de-clutter"  and clear out on all levels  -  body, mind, spirit.  Clear out for new beginnings.

3. COLOUR HEALING: Your body needs clearing/refreshing on the deepest level.  Time for a serious chakra cleanse by yourself -or  a professional!

3 card draw  Thursday 11 October

COMPLETION:You are coming to a completion of a cycle.  This is accompanied by angst  and ill ease.  You sense a MAJOR change/shift but don't know which direction to point yourself in.  You feel like you are missing a piece of the puzzle.  You don't know which  way is forward and which is back. 
JOY: This next portion of your life should be  greeted with great anticipation and great joy.  This is the realization of your life's purpose/soul's calling. It is a time when if you seek Spirit, he will reveal himself to you in unique and amazing ways.  You reconnect with the Divine.

Divine Mystery: You  are taken to the next level in your journey.  Exciting, amazing, simple answers await you!!

 THURSDAY  - new angel deck draws
haunting, beautiful cards with accurate reads. 


oracle m

message - cards, tarot, animal totems, crystals, runes, angels

13 September - an introduction to the runes

Each rune holds the energy of one sound  and can be represented in our alphabet as shown in the chart.

Try writing your name in runes like so...                            
BRYAN                                       MARSHA                                 ERNIE


 Come back next Thursday  and we will begin the runes as oracles.
I will do an Odin draw for you. I will also teach how it's done for those of you wanting not only to receive a reading but wanting to learn how to give a rune reading as well.


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