Monday- train your brain

optical illusions, ambigrams, posers geared at challenging your right brain and increasing your intuition.

One of the best, easiest(and certainly the funnest) ways to increase your psychic ability/intuition is to strengthen your right brain by challenging it with things that don't make sense to the left side of the  brain -optical illusions of all kind fill the bill nicely.
12 November..they're getting harder!!


 2 stickmen dancing   What did you think it was'? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 How many girls??
What if you count four girls down & insert a mirror?
 Rabbit or Duck?
Can you find the panda bear??     

 29 October

yeah - flip it  - whether upright or upside down, it's still YEAH

Elephant , donkey, dog,cat, mouse

Flower Girl

The Lovers

Can you see the black cats?

Monday 22 October - new posers for you!
can you see both images here??
how about this?  The black is a beggar woman, the white is a man with a big nose!

another ambigram.  Can you see both FALSE and true?

guess all 4 without peeking below

Good Luck & Enjoy!!!

Try and solve the following....
new ones will be added every Monday so check back often!
Monday 15 October   Try these!
1.  Famous one called "Kiss of the Sea"  Can you see the eagle descending to separate the lovers' kiss?

look at the black & you'll see good.
look at the white & you'll see evil!



Do you see both images?


Do you see both images?  
- the poppies  and the face)

This one is called "The Tree Dancer"
Can you see the dancer?

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